Wide Mouth Containers (Jar)

                    → Brief Introduction

                    At Mega Machinery, We offer the two stage stretch blow molding equipments for wide openings preforms. Our machine is built for the neck finishes up to 140mm and even bigger depends on the customers needs. Mega’s wide mouth option can be added to our entire standard automatic reheat stretch blow molding machine.

                    The economic manual machine MG-Jar700 is built for the small bottle outputs.

                    • Bottle Samples
                    Sauces, preserves, powders & granules, cereals, cosmetics…
                    Less weight compare to the glass jar None frangibility

                    → Remark

                    Mega Provides the automatic wide mouth preform handling system for our reheat stretch blow molding machines.

                    Mega Machinery, the Professional blow molding equipments supplier in China.