Pharmaceutical IV Bottle

                    → Brief Introduction

                    MG-PP series stretch blow molding machine is dedicated to the production of pharmaceutical packaging and high temperature hot-fillable heat resistant IV bottles. Today PP is used widely for pharmaceutical packaging, where PP’s chemical resistance and suitability for steam sterilization prove a winning combination. At Mega Machinery, after two-years’ testing on PP, the second generation of PP stretch blow molding machine is presented. According to the properties of PP material, the specialized preform oven makes sure of the quality when shaping bottles.

                    BOPP IV Bottle Samples

                    Pharmaceutical IV Bottle, Milk, isotonic drinks, teas and coffees, soy sauce …
                    Stand hot temperature filling

                    → Remark

                    Reheat stretch blow molding machine for Pharmaceutical IV Bottle, is also called two stage stretch blow molding machine for BOPP transfusion Bottle and PET bottle blowing machine for BOPP IV bottles .

                    Mega Machinery, the Professional blow molding equipments supplier in China.