Oval Shaped Bottles

                    → Brief Introduction

                    Mega’s preferential heating system specialized in variety of thin oval & flat shape PET bottles. We provide the turn-key package for the customer’s challenging container designs.

                    Mega’s patented preferential heating system is special designed for the thin oval shape PET bottles which blown by two stage stretch blow molding equipments. This technology allows very precise wall thickness distribution, even on complex surface of bottles. The preform weights can be optimized for less cost. The preferential heating system can be added to standard machines.

                    Alcohol, detergents, cosmetics…
                    Optimized material distribution for enhanced package appearance Cost saving on raw material

                    → Remark

                    Preferential heating system is designed for Oval shape PET bottles; MEGA acquired a Patent on this unit. Reheat stretch blow molding machine is also called PET stretch blow molding machine, two stage stretch blow molding machine, PET bottle blowing machine and PET blow molding machine.

                    Mega Machinery, the Professional blow molding equipments supplier in China.