Multiple Layer Extrusion Blow Molded Container

                    → Brief Introduction

                    Mega offer the solution in process two or more different plastics are combined. These plastics show properties when combined which they do not have when processed on their own. This process offers technical and economical solutions for the highest requirements to a wide variety of branches such as food, beverages, milk and dairy, cosmetics, agrochemicals and pharmacy. The food industry is increasingly making use of the advantages of Co-extrusion to extend the product shelf life of dairy and juice beverages up to 12 months via a barrier for light and oxygen protection. In combination with the plastic PP food can even be hot filled.

                    Container for chemical, dairy, pharmacy, agrochemicals..
                    Longer Shelf life

                    Multiple layer container Samples

                    → Remark

                    Multi-Layer barrier containers are also called as barrier containers. Normally is made from co-extrusion blow molding system, those containers have better performance comparing the signal layer container.

                    Mega Machinery, the Professional extrusion blow molding equipments supplier in China.