Extrusion Blow Molded Containers With View Strip

                    → Brief Introduction

                    Mega provide the extrusion blow molding machine which combined with an additional screw unit for the view strip. the special designed extrusion head mixes two different color materials into one parison, after the blowing, the containers has a view strip vertically, which helps end of user to get the liquid level easily. This kind of products have been used for the lubrication oil.

                    Our key technology combines those two color materials with less welding line of melted plastic; it gives the container more stretch of it.

                    Lubrication oil container, industrial container for the chemical
                    Get to know the liquid level by viewing the vertical view line…

                    → Remark

                    Containers with view strip normally is made from co-extrusion blow molding system.

                    Mega Machinery, the Professional extrusion blow molding equipments supplier in China.