Equipments for Caps

                    Mega is Chinese professional cap lining machine and cap slitting machine manufacturer, supplier and maker. The lining machines is special designed for the plastic closure, In order to prolong the shelf life of carbonated drinks, normally the manufacturer will add one liner inside the closure. The cap lining machine is used to compress a seal liner inside the closure. After years of the upgrading, the new cap lining machine is faster, and saves more energy.

                    The MG-3 automatic cap slitting machine is mainly for cutting the tamper evidence band of the caps. We adopt new idea for delivery caps into slitter, which is more convenience. At the slitting section, special designed edges are installed, it provides nicer safety ring on tamper proof cap.

                    Cap Lining Machine

                    The MG-2 Cap lining machine is mainly used to produce air-proof liner inside the plastic cap, it is common for the closure for the hot fill, [More]

                    Cap Slitting Machine

                    The cap slitting machine is designed for cutting the tamper evidence band of the cap. [More]