Auxiliary Equipments

                    At MEGA Machinery, the blow molding system, injection molding system, and the injection moulds are the main products. In order to provide better service for our customer and based on the many years of experience & know-how in the blow moulding & injection moulding field, cooperating with the famous auxiliary equipments manufacturer, MEGA Machinery supplies the related auxiliary equipments to build the turn-key project for the customers.

                    Air Compressor

                    Air compressor is the air source for PET stretch blow molding machine. As the main unit of PET production equipment, [More]

                    Air Dryer

                    The moisture in atmosphere usually turns on gaseous and hard to detect. After compressed in air compressor and cooled through pipe, [More]

                    Air Filter

                    Apart from the water, there are also some corrosive impurities like carbon-hydrogen, tiny dust and solid particles, ect. [More]

                    Water Chiller

                    Water chiller is designed for cooling the mold to improve the finish of plastic products and reduce the internal stress, [More]


                    Autoloader is used for loading plastic resin into hopper dryer to remove its moisture before being injected into finished products. [More]

                    Hopper Dryer

                    Hopper dryer is used to eliminate moisture in the plastic material. If the plastic material is put into the injection machine’s barrel without drying, [More]

                    Cooling Tower

                    Cooling tower is the perfect cooling equipment for the plastic production line. It offers sufficient water to cool the water chiller , [More]


                    Granulator is used to crush the rejected products, like defective PET preform and bottle for reuse. [More]


                    Mixer is used to mix the crushed reject product with new plastic material or mix the plastic master batch [More]