Mega machinery Mold is the professional semi-automatic blow moulding machines manufacturer, supplier and maker in China. Mega Machinery has rich history of manufacturing semi-automatic blow moulding machine. [More.]

                    AUTOMATIC SERIES

                    MEGA Machinery has decades experience for designing and manufacturing the most comprehensive two-stage reheat stretch blow moulding machines that meets the wide range of industrial needs: from small 0.1 liter bottles to large 5 gallon bottles. [More.]
                    EXTRUSION BLOW MOLDING
                    MEGA? provides the packaging containers with volumes ranging from a few milliliters to 300 liters, large containers with capacities of up to 1,000 liters.[More.]
                    FILLING & PACKAGING
                    Along with the increasing requirement of PET bottle in the market, the related filling & packing equipments is getting more important. MEGA as one of the professional injection.. [More.]
                    INJECTION MOLDING
                    MEGA Machinery has strongly determined the development of the Injection Moulding Machines, as a specialist company… [More.]
                    EQUIPMENTS FOR CAPS
                    Mega is Chinese professional cap lining machine and cap slitting machine manufacturer, supplier and maker. The lining machines is special designed for the plastic closure..? [More.]
                    PET PREFORM MOULDS
                    Mega is the professional Chinese PET preform mould manufacturer, supplier and maker. Our PET mould department.. [More.]
                    AUXILIARY EQUIPMENTS
                    At MEGA Machinery, the blow molding system, injection molding system, and the injection moulds are the main products. In order to provide better service for our customer.. [More.]


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                    1 TO 1 SUPPORT

                    Through one-to-one communication with each customer, our sales staff clearly grasp the needs of each customer, and provide them with specialized personalized services in a targeted manner, in order to maximize the needs of buyers.

                    EASY MAINTAIN

                    ?We always try to provide the most reliable PET technical solution for every customer from every corner of the world. After purchasing our products, our after-sale service relative to components, technical support, onsite service and operator training follows immediately if needed.

                    SHIPPING ANYWHERE

                    Mega Machinery’s products go to market through more than 100 countries worldwide. We have a strong after-sales service network, so no matter where you are, no matter what the problem, we can serve you in time.