RB Series Rotary Blow Moulding Machines

                    Brief Introduction

                    RB Series is the latest Rotary Blow Moulding Machine from Mega Machinery. Our R&D team has dedicated to design the machine by principle of engineered efficiency. Compare to earlier generation, New RB series requires less power due to the small pitch at pre-heater. Thanks to the Optimized clamping unit, the NEW Rotary blow moulding machine has wider operation window. Improved new machine kinematics reach output rates at 1,800 bottles per hour per cavity for light weight 0.5L water application.


                    * ?Preform Feeding and Loading
                    The recycling unit keeps preforms from getting jammed in the unscrambler. The star wheel designed feeding unit, provides easy way of changeover time for different neck preform.

                    * Linear Oven
                    Turning 180℃ mandrel guarantee the uniform neck section even at critical heating oven. Super small pitch design consumes less power. Unique oven ventilation design make RB series Blow moulding machine handles various of difficult application easily.

                    * Preform and Bottle Transfer Wheel
                    Thanks to the classic designed double cam telescopic gripper system, it guarantees the reliability of the movement, and easy to maintain it.

                    * Moulds and Mould Carriers
                    The mould carriers adopts shell blow mould design, this reduces the changeover time for different blow moulds. The Mould carriers allow the use of all shell type of moulds form conventional rotary blow moulding machines; it saves the costs for bottle producer. The reliable and quick locking system maximizes the performance of the mould carriers.

                    * Blowing station
                    Changeable cam stretching curve guider guarantees the quality of different bottles. Monobloc blowing valves achieve the fastest and more consistent blowing process. Bottle neck is protected during the blowing by special designed sealing unit.


                    * PID system for heating zone (Option)
                    Infrared thermometer automatic detect the temperature of performs, adjust the temperature of oven automatic. It avoids the influence of temperature different between day time and night. Also the system can add additional lamp alarm unit, It alarms when detected any broken lamps or aging lamps.

                    * Patented Air Recovery system (Option)
                    We know the most production cost for blowing the bottles is from generating the high pressure compressed air and reheating the preforms, In order to reduce the production cost for the bottler producer, Mega has introduced Air recovery system. This system recovers up to 30% of final high pressure blowing air.

                    * Air cooling system (Option)
                    Thanks to our GM Cai Yuansen, we have developed air cooling system for hot fill PET bottles, after high pressure blowing, an air cooling is introduced it to reduce the level of PET residual stress, and increase the rate of PET crystallization . After air cooling process, PET bottle could stand hot fill without deformation.

                    Container/Bottle Samples

                    PET bottles produced by RB Series Rotary Blow Moulding Machines:

                    2L CSD bottle

                    500ml hot fill PET bottle

                    300ml water bottle

                    515ml water bottle

                    350ml hot fill PET Bottle

                    750ml detergen bottle


                    Production output
                    Per cavity 1,300 BPH 1,400 BPH 1,800 BPH 1,800 BPH
                    Machine output 5,200 BPH 8,400 BPH 21,600 BPH 28,800 BPH
                    Bottle dimensions
                    Max. volume 2 L 2 L 3 L 3 L
                    Min. volume 0.1 L 0.1 L 0.1 L 0.1 L
                    Max. diameter 110 mm 110 mm 115 mm 115 mm
                    Max. height 300 mm 300 mm 350 mm 350 mm
                    Preform dimensions
                    Preform neck Up to 42 mm Up to 42 mm Up to 32 mm Up to 32 mm
                    Preform support ring Up to 48 mm Up to 48 mm Up to 36 mm Up to 36 mm
                    Machine dimension
                    Blower Floor space (LxWxH) 2.4×1.7×3.0 (M) 2.0×2.7×3.0 (M) 2. 5 x3.0x3.2 (M) 2.8×3.3×3.2 (M)
                    Oven Floor space (LxWxH) 3.0×0.9×3.0 (M) 3.4×0.8×2.4 (M) 5.0×1.5×2.0 (M) 5.5×1.5×2.0 (M)
                    Electrical supply
                    Voltage standard 380V/3PH/50HZ or Special order
                    Power (Max load) 90KW 120KW 220KW 260KW
                    Air supply
                    Max. blowing 40 Bar 40 Bar 40 Bar 40 Bar
                    Pressure580.15 PSI 580.15 PSI 580.15 PSI 580.15 PSI
                    Air consumption 3. 5 M 3 /Min 6.0 M 3 /Min 15 M 3 /Min 20 M 3 /Min
                    Cooled water supply
                    Water pressure 4 Bar 4 Bar 4 Bar 4 Bar
                    Water pressure 58 PSI 58 PSI 58 PSI 58 PSI
                    Water temperature 10 ℃ 10 ℃ 10 ℃ 10 ℃
                    Water temperature 50 ? 50 ? 50 ? 50 ?

                    Mega Machinery, the Professional High speed rotary blow moulding machine supplier in China.

                    Note: Rotary blow moulding machine is also known as Rotary PET stretch blow molding machine, Rotary pet blow moulding machine, Rotary bottle blowing machine.