MG-SA Blow Moulding MachinesMulti-cavity manual blow molding machine

                    Brief Introduction

                    SA series blow moulding machine is the latest high output semi-automaitc PET blow moulding machine. Comparing to the traditional machine design, thanks to new concept of automatic bottle discharging unit, the patented heating system and the preforms automatic loading design, The SA series blow molding machine requires less manpower and reducing the work intension for the operator. New SA series blow moulding machine holds the cavity of the blowing mold up to 6 cavities, the output reaches 2800BPH for 500ml water bottles. Compared to the output of normal manual blow moulding machine, this is an outstanding improvement in the PET Bottle blow molding industry.

                    Bottle Samples PET bottles produced by PET blow moulding machines:


                    General Information MG-SA4MG-SA6MG-SA4 C TYPE
                    Materia PETPETPET
                    Clamping Force 300KN300KN300KN
                    Clamping Stroke 350mm250mm350mm
                    Max.Stretching Stroke 380mm380mm380mm
                    Number of Cavities 4 Cavity6 Cavity4 Cavity
                    Theoretical Output2000BPH2800BPH1800BPH
                    Max.Mould Thickness 190mm190mm300mm
                    Space Between Tie Bars 670x340mm670x340mm480 X450mm
                    Electrical System
                    Voltage Standard 380v/3PH/50Hzor special order380v/3PH/50Hz
                    Number of Heating Zone 18KW18KW4 Sections
                    Max.Container Volume0.1-2.5L0.1-1.0L0.1-1.5L(4 Cav) 5L(2Cav)
                    Neck Diameter Range 15-45mm15-30mm15-45mm
                    Max.Container Diameter110mm70mm110mm
                    Max.Container Height 370mm250mm400mm
                    Low Air compresso8-10Bar8-10Bar8-10Bar
                    High Air compressor 30Bar30Bar30Bar
                    Dimension&Weight(L XW XH)
                    Blow molding machine 190x88x180cm190x88x180cm165 X78 X218cm
                    Oven190x66x160cm190x88x180cm172 X70 X148cm
                    Net Weight1.3T1.3T1Ton

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                    Note: Multiple cavity blow moulding machine is also known as bottle blowing machines, Stretch blow molding machines, bottle making machine, blowing machine and PET blow molding machine.