5 gallon PET blow moulding machine (MG-120)

                    Brief Introduction

                    MG-120 5 gallon PET blow moulding machine is used to produce 5gallon PET bottle that is now demanded extremely in the market. Facing great demand for 5 gallon PET bottle at market, MG-120 will certainly become the right machine for your investment. The whole procedure is automatic. It is controlled with microcomputer. In order to achieve the purpose of automatic transporting bottles, the user should connect the conveyor belt with the blow molding machine. By transmission device, the machine can be connected to the filling machine directly and start inline filling.


                    * Control system
                    The control system is the heart of MG-120 PET blow moulding machine. Together with Hi-tech Man-Machine Interaction (MMI) control panel with user-friendly, the whole control system presents super performance with precise control, convenient parameter setup, obvious display and reasonable memory.

                    * Pneumatic system
                    Pneumatic system provides the power for MG-120’s movement. World famous high quality pneumatic components equipped on MG-120 such as Festo from Germany, specially designed high-pressure valve, high precise action, long service life and reliable performance are their highlights. Network of those pneumatic components suppliers’ global service ensures customers their prompt after-sale service locally for their pneumatic products used on MG-120.

                    * Sensor system
                    MG-120 5 gallon PET moulding machine adopts high quality imported sensor & switch system including proximity switch, photoelectric switch, and electronic magnet switch to keep production process going step by step and avoid any possible damage on machine.

                    * Heating system
                    MG-120 automatic PET blow moulding machine adopts infrared type heating mode, whose superior thermal-radiation and thermal penetrability provide machine with powerful heating to meet strict preform heating requirement under speedy moving. Number of infrared heating lamps placed onto three heating zone with 9 sets of independent voltage adjusting module and advanced microcomputer controller, can offer ideal heating for preform of different sizes. Each lamp’s horizontal position is adjustable to keep the machine agile.

                    * Clamping system
                    MG-120 adopts three-plate type toggle clamping unit. Apart from the three-plate type toggle clamping unit, there is a high pressure assistant clamping device that is special designed to get a firm clamping.

                    * Preform feeding & bottle discharging system
                    MG-120 automatic stretch blow molding machine is equipped with patented prefrom loading system, which protect the neck of the perform from possible damage and allow to make a slight change of preform dimension without changing prefrom holder. The heated preforms are blown with neck up in order to ensure the quality of the finished bottle, and then shaped bottles will automatic fall down during the machine’ movement.


                    1. Patented Feeding system carries the preform automatically.
                    2. Suit to produce 5-25L wide mouth PET container
                    3. Advanced PLC control system with a use-friendly control panel
                    4. Reliable sensor system monitor machine’s auto running
                    5. Powerful heating unit with precision control and convenient adjusting device
                    6. Cooling system to get perfect cooling result
                    7. Compact structure to save space
                    8. Prevent bottle from possible pollution by worker
                    9. Equipped with special designed air storage units
                    10. Simple installation & startup adjustment
                    11. Waste rate of finished bottle is less than 0.3%.

                    Container/Bottle SamplesFinished PET bottle samples produced by MG-120 as follow:

                    Edible Oil Bottle

                    Two gallon water bucket with handle

                    20L Jar

                    Three gallon water bucket

                    Five gallon water bucket


                    General Information MG-120
                    Clamping Force 34T
                    Clamping Stroke 330mm
                    Max.Stretching Stroke 550mm
                    Bottom Moving Stroke 70mm
                    Theoretical Output120 BPH
                    Max.Mould Thickness 400mm
                    Space Between Tie Bars 520*600mm
                    Electrical System
                    Voltage Standard380v/3PH/50Hz
                    Number of Heating Zone2 Sections
                    Total Power(Full Loaded)15KW
                    Max.Container Volume25L
                    Neck Diameter Range65mm
                    Max.Container Diameter400mm
                    Max.Container Height550mm
                    Auxiliary System
                    Low Air Compressor8-10 Bar
                    High Air Compressor30 Bar
                    Air Dryer2.0/30
                    Dimension & Weight (L*W*H)
                    Blow Molding Machine260*190*195cm
                    Net Weight5.2 Ton

                    Mega Machinery, the Professional 5 Gallon Blow Moulding Machine supplier in China.

                    Note:5 Gallon blow molding machine is also known as Blow Moulding Machine for the large PET bottles, Reheat stretch blow molding machines, Stretch blow molding machines, bottle blowing machine, blowing machines and PET blow molding machine.